2012 Doosan C185WKU Air Compressor – Stock 10920

185 CFM air compressor, trailer mounted

SN: 442802UGWD95 was the unit we were to receive.

On 11/20/20 we received SN: 4342556ULVD95 unit is is being returned.

Note the unit received came in with a broken hood.  Driver paid for replacement.

Hood was taken from another unit, so it could be returned.  David returned it to Herc Rentals in SLC, UT 1/05/21

1/04/21 Lindsay/ Cate 801-973-2900 Followed up on canopy, it will be shipping this week or next week from Illinois.

1/25/21 9:05 AM spoke with Cate SLC / Anthony – it has shipped, should be in Pocatello this week

1/30/21 8:25 Cate Pocatello (208-232-5252) called and canopy has come in. 156 lbs. 80″ W x 48″ L x 32″ H in a cardboard box.

1/30/21 Laurie drove to Pocatello and picked the canopy up


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